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Press & Go FAQ

  • Where can I buy Press & Go Press-On Manicure?

    Press & Go are currently available in Priceline, Woolworths, Terry White and other leading pharmacies nation wide. Go to the WHERE TO BUY section of the site to see listing and on-line purchase locations.

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  • I can't remove the nails from my fingers, what should I do?

    Don't force the nails off. If they seem really stuck, put nail polish remover along sides of nail and let sit for about 1 minute. Now you can gently peel nails off from side. Hint: Press & Go nail will not be reusable

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  • What's Nicole Scherzinger's role with Press & Go and Broadway Nails?

    Nicole is Press & Go's celebrity endorser (imPress in the USA). She promotes the Press & Go line in advertising and other forms of media.

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  • Where can I get a free sample?

    While we don't mail out free samples, become a fan of our facebook page ( to be a part of competitions and giveaways.

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  • How much does Press & Go Press-On Manicure cost?

    While prices may vary based on location or retailer your Press & Go Press On Manicure should cost around $14.99

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  • I've never used artificial nails before, will they look natural?

    Each Press & Go bottle comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes - that's 2 nails per size (2 x 12 = 24). The 12 sizes are differing widths to fit most nail sizes resulting in a flawless fitting manicure that looks like your own nails but better.

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  • How can they possibly stay on without glue?

    Press & Go adhesive technology was 6 years in the making. This very special adhesive is safe and holds just like nail glue. Press & Go adhesive provides full contact with your natural nail for a strong hold. Most Impress manicures will last for up to a week when applied properly see how to apply video

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  • Are Press & Go nails reusable?

    Press & Go nails are not reusable. They are made to be very flexible to provide for a comfortable fit, when removed they become distorted and cannot be reused.

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  • My favorite pattern has disappeared!?

    To keep up with changing trends and fashion Press & Go patterns might change periodically. If you find a pattern you love you may want to stock up!

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  • Some of my nails won't stay on, Am I applying them wrong?

    To ensure that your nails will last, make sure you prep the nail properly and that you are applying the right size to every nail. If you are in between nail sizes or aren't sure about which size to use, use the smaller size as it will stay on longer and look more natural. see how to apply video

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  • My natural nails are longer than the Press & Go Press-On Manicure, are there longer lengths?

    Currently we do not carry Press & Go in different lengths, your natural nails would need to be trimmed if longer than the Press & Go nails before application.

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  • Am I able to file or cut the Press & Go nails?

    Absolutely! You may file the nails to create the length and shape that you prefer! We suggest waiting about 1 hour after initial application to file or shape. This gives the Press & Go nail time to create a maximum bond with your natural nail and your body heat.

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  • Do I need to remove old polish before applying the Press & Go Press-On Manicure?

    Before every application nails should be free of other polish and prepped with prep pad included in each kit. If you lose your prep pad or are looking to re-apply you can use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to prep the natural nail.

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  • Will Press & Go damage my natural nail?

    Press & Go Press-On Manicure is completely safe for your nails! There is no harsh nail glue and the removal process is super easy.

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  • How do you remove Press & Go nails?

    You gently peel off from side to remove. If your Press & Go nails seem really 'stuck' then apply polish remover around edges, wait 1 minute, the peel off.

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  • How is Press & Go different from nail strips?

    Press & Go Press-On Manicure fully covers each natural nail with a perfectly shaped nail - you get 10 perfect nails in minutes. This perfect-looking manicure that is very hard to achieve on natural nails or even at a salon! Nail strips cannot perfect your nail surface and don't make your natural nails all a perfect shape.

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  • Why do I get 24 nails?

    Each bottle contains enough nails for most women to get a single, perfect manicure. 24 nails in 12 sizes for each hand allows for differing nail widths - in turn, you get a natural-looking manicure that's better than a salon.

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  • What do I do with all the left-over nails?

    You might be able to use some of them with another manicure. Try buying a pattern that compliments another pattern and mix the left-over's together for a unique mani. Or trade them with a friend that may use different sizes than you.

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